PACE Partnership

The CORE-PACE research partnership is the first of its kind to provide real-time, research-based feedback that improves student learning; informs policy; and provides breakthrough findings to inform continuous improvement in the CORE Districts and beyond.

With a network of university-based researchers coordinated through PACE, this partnership is transforming the way research is conducted and communicated, by creating a process that dramatically accelerates timelines for researchers and learning for local educators.

  • Research questions maximize learning. Research questions are generated by district leaders as well as researchers in the field to ensure a high-quality scientific contribution, and to impact current policymaking in Sacramento and beyond.
  • Data sharing done through PACE. PACE currently has data-use agreements, and we eliminate time in data processing so that educators get quick results to help improve student outcomes.
  • Coherence and timeliness are priorities. As research is under way, PACE manages the portfolio, shares results with district leaders at CORE meetings, and hosts webinars so district staff can engage with researchers on specific project plans, progress, and interpretation.
  • Reports are tailored for different audiences. In addition to policy briefs, district-specific “improvement reports” translate the research into actionable, local data educators use for school improvement.

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