Improvement Capability Building

Join CORE’s improvement capability-building courses for district and school leaders. Individuals and teams can participate in experiences to grow repertoires of skills, tools, and mindsets to foster cultures of continuous improvement within educational organizations.

"I recommend participation in CORE Districts' Improvement Capability Building community 100%. The courses give teams discipline around improvement efforts. They provide focused and guided learning over time with networks of others who are engaged in the same learning, but with different problems."
Carin Contreras

Chief Academic Officer, Horizon Charter Schools

"The problem that we are trying to improve – chronic absenteeism – is very large. CORE provides an important way to delve in deep to the root causes of the problem, then test ideas on a small scale to learn if approaches are effective before implementation across all of our schools."
Melissa Sais

Director of Research and Evaluation, Garden Grove Unified School District