Data Collaborative

Join a community of educators representing over 100 school districts to share data innovations, insights, and continuous improvement efforts. Benchmark your outcomes against similar schools across the state, and access in-depth data dashboards with both traditional and unique metrics. Connect with other educators in monthly meetings and bi-annual convenings to share outcomes and learnings.
CORE Data Collaborative

CORE Insights Dashboard

The CORE Insights Dashboard provides educators with deeper metrics that go beyond the California School Dashboard. With these in-depth metrics, educators are better able to more accurately visualize their data and identify specific areas of need and success. School districts are able to calculate traditional and custom metrics from their own data systems.


Comprehensive, Multi-Metric Data Dashboards:

  • Student group disaggregation
  • CORE index levels for benchmarking and progress monitoring
  • Metric trends
  • Gap trends
  • Map views
  • Ordered bar charts
  • Scatterplots
  • California School Dashboard Data

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Unique Metrics:

  • Academic Growth
  • School Climate and Culture
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • On-Track for Post-Secondary Success
  • D/F Rates

Unique Metrics:

  • Academic Growth
  • School Climate and Culture
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • On-Track for Post-Secondary Success
  • D/F Rates

Learning Communities

Improvement Academy

Join this project-based experience designed for teams to learn improvement methodologies with an emphasis on data use and data capability building. Experience a hands-on introduction to the tools and principles of improvement science.

Data Collaborative Community

Engage with other districts and school colleagues across CORE. Join monthly virtual meetings and annual convenings to unpack metrics and discuss findings that drive continuous improvement.

Custom Local Dashboard Development

Work directly with CORE at the Public Education Agency or Local Education Agency level to build customized dashboards. Investigate school and district work, including on-track rates, student-to-staff development, student behavior, and more.

Improvement Capability Building Courses

Join district and school leaders in strengthening improvement efforts. Deepen skill sets in facilitating, managing, and providing data-driven executive leadership to support improvement work at the school or district level.

Analytics Platforms

Student Readiness

This collaboration between CORE and participating school districts aims to improve students' college readiness by offering parents and students a readiness reporting tool.

Student, Staff and Parent Surveys

CORE's annual and periodic surveys allow schools to review school culture, climate and social-emotional learning arenas across the school and for individual students.

Rally Analytics Platform

Provides access to student academic and well-being data alongside predictive analytics to help teachers plan for how to best meet each student’s needs.