9th Grade

On – Track

CORE's 9th Grade On-Track Breakthrough Success Community focuses on improving the rates of students on track for postsecondary success. Educators use evidence-based changes in their daily work to bring about breakthrough improvements that can be shared across schools.
"CORE's 9th Grade On-Track work has been transformative for off-track students across our seven comprehensive high schools. Each school team is working collaboratively to ensure students’ academic and personal skills are supported in order to enhance students’ sense of belonging and efficacy. Our work together truly changes students' lives."
Gabriela Mafi

Superintendent, Garden Grove Unified School District

"Participating in this program has been a transformative experience, and I cannot overstate the positive impact it has had on my professional growth and our 9th grade students' overall success. Participating has instilled in me a profound belief in the power of using data to drive real change."
Abrham Alem

Teacher & Social Studies Department Chair, Oakland Unified School District

"Our adult teams improved their data literacy skills and advanced their use of improvement science to improve academic and relational outcomes for students. We have improved our master scheduling practices, ensuring all students are better known by name and by need. As a result, more students are on track for on-time graduation and feel a greater sense of connection to school."
Stephanie Brown

Principal, Lincoln High School, San Diego Unified School District

Change the life trajectories of 9th grade students.

Benefits of Joining the Breakthrough Success Community:
  • Access to nationally-recognized expertise and concrete practices for improving 9th Grade On-Track
  • Professional learning and school-embedded coaching around the practice of improvement science to guide collective change
  • Access to a comprehensive data system providing overall and student-level reports on grades and on-track progress after every marking period
  • Public recognition of progress at the state and national level

Why 9th Grade?
The research is clear: 9th grade is the 'make or break' year of high school for many students. We believe that investing in a successful transition to 9th grade is an investment in graduation rates and postsecondary freedom. High schools across California are embracing this strategic shift to work 'upstream' to prevent failure before it can occur. 9th Grade On-Track is about building the structures, routines, and adult mindsets that ensure every student is on a trajectory towards the widest array of options after high school.

Five Drivers of Success

With a cross-functional team at your site, you’ll work to improve practices in 5 key areas that drive 9th grade success:

  • Adult Teaming
  • 8th-9th Grade Transition
  • Strong Student-Adult Relationships
  • Master Scheduling Practices
  • Grading Practices

Adult Teaming:

Efficient, effective, and strengths-based collaboration.

8-9 Grade Transition

Prevent GPA and attendance drops in the 8th to 9th grade transition with supportive, relationship-focused strategies to provide a smooth transition into ninth grade.

Strong Student-Adult Relationships

Teacher and student relationships are critical for students’ academic success.

Master Scheduling

Use data to provide the best learning experience for 9th grade students.

Equitable Grading

Support in building fair and equitable grading practices that reflect student outcomes.

Learn from other schools and adapt recommended practices to work for you and your students.