School District Networks Use Improvement Science to Get Results

School District Networks Use Improvement Science to Get Results
January 17, 2018 core_admin

EdSource Commentary
Published on January 16, 2018
By Rick Miller

 As California begins to roll out support for schools under the new accountability system, educators and policymakers should heed these words from improvement science “guru” William Edwards Deming. In the 1950s, Deming’s systems-approach theory revolutionized industry, first in Japan then in the United States, by engaging all workers in collaborative efforts to solve problems and improve production.

Today we are applying Deming’s vision for continuous improvement to our work across California’s CORE Districts.Since the early 1980s, US health care systems have used improvement science to fine-tune patient care and cut rising costs.

While continuous improvement is all the rage in discussions regarding school accountability, more clarity is needed about how to apply it in order to dramatically improve student outcomes. One framework gaining traction as a promising model for helping school districts become continuous improvement organizations are “networked improvement communities.”

These communities employ the principles of improvement science, but work together as a network.

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