Policy in Action

Policy in Action

Persistent inequities in education create barriers that hold some students back while others succeed. When educators aren’t equipped to provide students the support they need, and how they need it, too many students get left behind.

CORE Districts empower educators with meaningful data and research that gives them a 360-degree view of their students’ strengths and challenges. CORE Districts are committed to giving educators the innovative solutions and support they need, when they need them, to ensure every student is set up for success.

Working together with Policy Analysis for California Education (PACE), we are making more educational data and research available more quickly and closest to where learning is happening. This work is informing educators and policymakers alike, and transforming the use of educational data in the state.


Latest Efforts

Student academic growth is one of the several measures in the CORE data system. Based on what we are learning across our network, we recommend the state pursue a residual gain growth model similar to the CORE model that controls both for student prior achievement and for peer effects.

Why Growth Matters


The CORE Districts are leveraging their comprehensive data system and strengthening their ongoing collaboration to solve a shared problem – middle school math outcomes and the performance gap for African American and Hispanic/Latino students. The eight districts are applying a specific continuous improvement framework known as Networked Improvement Communities to reach their goal.  PACE conducted surveys, analyzed field notes from 23 CORE convenings, and conducted interviews that captured the learnings of more than a hundred educators in the CORE network. The new PACE brief ‘Building System Knowledge for Continuous Improvement: Early Lessons from the CORE Districts’ highlights lessons educators can use to refine their own continuous improvement practices.



An Innovation Zone in California’s school accountability system will prioritize innovation, local control and continuous improvement for our students, schools and districts. Our goal is to help the state and local districts push the envelope in pursuit of performance measures that best serve students.

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We share local stories about how schools and districts are making data-driven decisions about how to improve student outcomes. When we empower all educators with the tools they need to close the gaps in our education system, we ensure all students, in every classroom and in every community, are prepared for the college and career opportunities that await them.

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