Social-Emotional Learning, Well-being, and School Culture

CORE Survey Data: Hearing from our Students, Staff and Families

Along with academic achievement indicators, a cornerstone of the CORE data system includes information from districts’ students, staff and families collected via surveys throughout the year. In 2020-2021 we added a new survey opportunities to our survey suite:  Diagnostic and Pulse surveys to hear from stakeholders during the school year.  Together with our suite of spring semester annual surveys, the diagnostic and pulse surveys extend our suite of opportunities to gather critical feedback to support students and educators across the California.

              CORE Surveys

  • CORE Student Well Being and Learning Conditions Diagnostic Survey: Diagnostic
  • CORE Staff Well-being and Learning Conditions Diagnostic Survey: [Link coming soon]
  • Annual Student CORE Spring Semester Student Survey (SEL and School Culture):  Student Annual
  • Annual Spring Semester Parent/Family Survey:  Parent Annual   
  • Annual Spring Semester Staff Survey:  Staff Annual