CORE Growth Data

CORE Growth Data: It’s time to get to know California’s schools better 

There’s a more holistic way to measure school performance beyond test scores. The CORE Growth model provides actionable data and detailed insights on school performance in a way that is fair and measurable.  

Believe it or not, California is one of only two states that does not include academic growth data in elementary and middle school state accountability models. But there are models that can be put into place statewide, such as the one developed by CORE Districts that is already used in California.

Academic Growth          measures follow students  over time to see how they are progressing in their Learning

Measuring how students progress in their learning from one year to the next–their academic growth–is an advanced way to consider the progress students make in their learning each year.


Help us spread the word: it’s time to get to know our schools better.

Academic growth data, like that used by CORE, offers a more complete and accurate assessment of how schools help students achieve academic success. This new data opens doors to continually improve our schools and create equitable outcomes for all students.