Gaps are Pervasive; Test Scores Alone Mask Growth

Gaps are Pervasive; Test Scores Alone Mask Growth
September 27, 2017 core_admin

Posted on September 27, 2017
Contact: Julie White
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When reviewing and reporting CAASPP results, proceed with caution. While 2016-17 test results show modest improvements, they don’t take into account achievement gap trends or student academic growth, significant measures in assessing overall education progress.

Our data show an ongoing, urgent need to close the achievement gap,” said CORE Districts’ executive director Rick Miller. “To change trajectories for traditionally underserved students, greater awareness about gaps and growth is essential.

A CORE Districts’ analysis of statewide data for English Language arts and math shows that since 2010, racial/ethnic gaps remain. Gaps also remain for English learners, socio-economically disadvantaged students and students with disabilities, and for some of these groups, the gaps are widening.

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