Awards Honor Schools with High Academic Growth

Awards Honor Schools with High Academic Growth
April 26, 2019 core_admin

Schools having the greatest impact on student achievement are being honored with CORE’s 2019 Academic Growth Award.

With three consecutive years of high academic growth in English Language Arts and/or math, 253 schools are being honored with printed awards. These schools represent 12 percent of schools in the CORE Data system. Nine of the 253 schools are serving the highest percentages of low-socioeconomically disadvantaged students and the highest percentages of English learners in the system.

In addition, a total of 906 schools have received high impact badges on, indicating these sites have had either 3 years or 1 year of high growth in English language arts and/or math. is a new website launched by Ed Trust West for educators and parent advocates. CORE and Ed Trust West are partnering to recognize high academic growth on the site because growth is a strong indicator of school effectiveness, and it is not included on the California School Dashboard. Growth reflects consistent work among educators to provide extraordinary classroom instruction for the students they serve.

Growth data plus test results give educators “the power of two” for measuring improvements in learning outcomes even if a school and its students still have a long way to go as measured simply by the number of students who “meet the standards.” Growth models provide actionable data to support meaningful changes for all students.

CORE calculates growth by using a mathematical model that compares students’ test scores while taking into account students’ unique circumstances. The growth model considers improvement in scores for each student ­– even if an individual student hasn’t reached academic standards set by the state. The growth model compares schools by considering whether each student’s progress is less or greater than could be expected for other students who are similar and who started off at the same score the previous year.

Student academic growth is one of several measures in the CORE data system. Combined with test scores, English learner progress, chronic absenteeism and other indicators, growth shows a more complete picture of school progress.

Awards are being presented to schools at district board meetings and other events throughout the state.