About Us

The CORE Districts are situated in Fresno, Garden Grove, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento, San Francisco and Santa Ana. The organization was founded in 2010, when cooperative efforts to implement new academic standards and improve training for teachers and administrators in Long Beach and Fresno grew to include other large urban school districts.

In 2013, this shared focus on innovation, collaboration and local control helped the CORE Districts secure a No Child Left Behind waiver from the federal government to use more than just test scores to measure strengths and weaknesses in schools and to identify those in need of improvement.

The CORE Districts built and maintain a comprehensive school improvement and accountability system that is nationally recognized because it provides educators a clear view of progress by including data on student-level academic growth, high school readiness, students’ social-emotional skills and schools’ culture-climate, along with traditional measures of test scores, graduation rates and absenteeism.

Today, an unwavering belief in equity and access for all students continues to drive the CORE Districts’ work, which is evident in the lessons shared within and across districts and schools, and with state and federal policymakers.