Superintendent Antwan Wilson

Oakland Unified School District

“It is my belief that all young people have the ability to achieve at high levels and it is our responsibility to ensure that they do. It is not enough to profess a belief that they all can learn. This is a good start to truly believe this; however, in order for us to make a real difference in the lives of our students, we must embrace our responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure that they are achieving. We know the opportunities that come with a good education and we know the price that must be paid in order to achieve success. Our children need us to lead the way and ensure they pay the price and attain the education needed to prepare them for their opportunities to be successful and productive world citizens. We must have a great deal of urgency when it comes to our efforts to improve urban education. In essence, we must sprint a marathon. Sprinting speaks to the fact that we must move fast to improve educational outcomes for our students, and the marathon speaks to the fact that it will take time and we must be precise in our strategy to ensure success.”

Antwan Wilson became the Superintendent of the Oakland Unified School District as of July 1, 2014. Antwan has dedicated his life to supporting the growth and development of children, so the opportunity to improve academic achievement and produce better life outcomes for Oakland students has been tremendously exciting for him. Prior to this role Antwan served as the Assistant Superintendent for Post Secondary Readiness in Denver Public Schools. In this capacity he was responsible for leading Denver’s Middle, High, and Intensive Pathway Schools. Additionally he was responsible for the district School Turnaround efforts, the College and Career Office (which contains programs such as International Baccalaureate, Advance Placement, Career and Technical Education, Concurrent Enrollment, and Counseling), the Student Engagement Office, and the Athletics Office. Under his leadership, there were significant improvements in graduation rates, improvements in the numbers of students entering college, a doubling of AP courses, tripling of Concurrent Enrollment, and a revamping of district Intensive Pathway Options. Antwan also served as the High School Instructional Superintendent for Denver Public Schools where he was in charge of school improvement efforts for the high schools and supervising school leaders. He has previously served as a high school principal and middle school principal in Denver Public Schools and Wichita Public Schools respectively, and before this worked as an assistant principal and teacher in Wichita, KS, Lincoln, NE, and Raleigh, NC. Antwan graduated with Distinction from Nebraska Wesleyan University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History-Social Science Education, and holds a Master of School Leadership Degree from Friends University. He was also a member of the 2013-14 Broad Superintendent’s Academy 2.0 Cohort.