On May 29th, the CORE Districts will be submitting the following amendments related to Principle 3 (High-quality Teachers and Leaders) of the ESEA Waiver Request.

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Click here to submit public comments about these amendments or the CORE Waiver in general. You may also submit public comments by emailing core@coredistricts.org, faxing (916) 244-0250 or via regular mail to 1107 9th Street, Suite 500, Sacramento, CA 95814 by Wednesday, May 27th.

Every student deserves an effective teacher, and it is the collective responsibility of the school and district community to ensure that every teacher and principal is effective.

CORE supports districts’ efforts to build professional capitol, by supporting effective instruction and school leadership. CORE’s collaborative work to build professional capitol is aligned to the recommendations in Greatness by Design, Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State, a report produced by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torklason’s Taskforce on Educator Excellence.  As is recommended in the taskforce report,  CORE districts are committed to work together to promote continuous improvement and provide support for teachers and school leaders.

A cycle of continuous improvement and capacity building is supported by:

  • Ensuring that educator performance is assessed against multiple measures, including some measures of student learning and achievement growth;
  • Providing educators access to a robust and comprehensive feedback system;
  • Celebrating, leveraging, and accelerating the skills of more effective teachers and school leaders;
  • Providing differentiated supports for teachers and school leaders with targeted opportunities for professional development; and
  • Developing procedures to intervene and address when persistent performance issues arise.

Because effective systems of evaluation and support for teachers and school leaders must reflect local innovation and district context, there is not a one-size-fits-all mandate for building professional capital among CORE districts.

By working together to develop a common set of high-leverage educator effectiveness indicators that exemplify effectiveness, and sharing research-based best practices and implementation strategies, CORE districts are collaborating to build professional capital.

Below is a draft of Administrator Effectiveness Indicators. This a comprehensive document which includes the Teacher Indicators as well as an overview of the CORE Waiver requirements for the student achievement aspect of evaluation systems. The Administrator Effectiveness Indicators will be reviewed by the CORE Board in December, after which a final version of the document will be available here.

Administrator Effectiveness Indicators