CORE Index Report Cards

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The School Quality Improvement Index (“the Index”) represents a set of fundamental shifts in school accountability, grounded in the shared values and continuous improvement philosophy of the CORE Districts. The Index contains a broader basket of measures including academic, social-emotional and culture-climate indicators, and is designed to help school communities identify strengths to build upon and challenges to address. Supports and interventions are focused on building the capacity of schools through peer learning and collaborative action.
For additional resources related to the Index, please click the following links:

  • Metric descriptions
  • Key terms and definitions
  • Performance thresholds
  • CORE Index page with a full research file, FAQs, and additional support materials.

  • Note: As this is our first year releasing Index reports, it’s possible that errors may be identified. Substantive errors will be noted next to each report while we work to resolve them. Non-substantive items will be noted here. At the time of release, we identified one non-substantive item. For schools with perfect results for chronic absence and/or suspension results (all “10s”), the index points earned is sometimes showing “13.35/13.33” when it should say “13.33/13.33” for the metric in question. We will adjust the reports in the coming weeks.