• CORE Districts growth commentary graph

    The Power of Two: Embracing Both Proficiency and Growth

    As surreal as it was, the recent confirmation hearing for Betsy DeVos, the likely next secretary of education, raised a…

  • CORE Districts accountability measures graphic and presentation

    Calif. CORE Districts Pilot Accountability Measures

    In school accountability, flashlights work better than hammers. That’s the oft-repeated argument of California’s CORE districts, a data collaborative now…

  • Strong, Locally Generated Data Key to School Improvement Strategies

    This October 9, 2016 EdSource commentary written by California State Board of Education president Michael Kirst highlights the need for strong locally-generated…

  • academic performance single measure fails graph

    California’s Dashboard Data Will Guide Improvement; A Forum on How States Should Design Their Accountability Systems

    After more than a decade of strict federal mandates and measures of school success, a new education law is inviting…

  • Chris Steinhauser smiling behind a desk

    CORE Districts Can Inform State’s New Accountability System

    As California prepares to adopt its new multiple-measure school accountability system, the CORE Districts can offer firsthand experience and data…

  • An educator in the front of the classroom leading instruction to a group of kids.

    Tough Measurements for School Success Needed

    The state of California, the federal government, and your local school district all agree — our lowest-performing schools need support…

  • Book stack and laptop on workplace in library room with blurred focus for background, education concept

    California Data Show Flaws in Federal Regulations

    When Congress passed the Every Student Succeeds Act in 2015, it was celebrated as relief from its predecessor, but as…

  • A Japanese classroom with desk and tables and blakckboard is taken from low angle.

    Proposed Federal, State Accountability Systems Could Again Clash

    Differences in proposed federal and state criteria for intervening in the lowest-performing schools could lead to what California education officials…

  • Road signs in Japan : Warning signs, Children crossing

    CORE Districts Want State Waiver to Continue Their Work

    The six California school districts that designed their own school accountability and improvement model are asking the State Board of…

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    6 Things to Know About LAUSDS New School Accountability System

    A group of six California school districts, including LA Unified, this week unveiled a new school accountability system that represents…